Below I’ve assembled linksom to the online resources that I’ve bot able to find.

Finding quotes and historical gegevens for Bitcoin, Bitcoin futures, Bitcoin options can be an escapade. Below I’ve assembled linksom to the online resources that I’ve bot able to find.

Ter many cases, gegevens is available from numerous sources. I did not attempt to list all of them.

  • CBOE/CFE Symbol: XTB
  • Quotes
  • Spot: Gemini exchange
  • Cboe (including bid/ask)
  • Use “Enter Symbol” Field
  • Ticker construction: XBT/ followed by month-year code (e.g, XBT/F8 = January 2018 expiration)
  • F=Jan, G=Feb, H=Mar, J=April, K=May, M=June, N=July, Q=Aug, U=Sept, V=Oct, X=Nov, Z=Dec
  • Cboe/CFE (all months)
  • Historical Gegevens CBOE
  • Term Structure Chart: VIX Central/bitcoin
  • Reference exchange: Gemini
  • Contract Size: 1 Bitcoin, contant lodged (Contract Specifications)
  • Initial customer margin 44%
    • Brokers may require much more margin ( e.g., Interactive Brokers is requiring $40K vanaf contract–around 130%–on brief contracts)
    • Trading Hours (USA Central Time)

      • CME Symbol: BTC
        • Quotes
          • Spot: Bitcoin Real Time Index (BRTI) methodology
          • CME Futures
            • All months
            • Reference exchanges: Bitstamp, GDAX, itBit, Openbreken (combined into a composite quote via BRTI &, BRR)
            • Contract Size: Five Bitcoins, contant lodged (Contract Specifications)
            • Initial customer margin 35%
              • Brokers may ask for much more than this, especial for brief contracts
              • Trading Hours: Scheduled to begin trading 18-Dec-2018

                • GBTC Bitcoin Investment Trust (A closed-end mutual fund) Available for trading ter regular brokerage accounts and IRAs
                  • Shares outstanding &, Bitcoin holdings GBTC (spil of 27-Dec-2018 1868700 shares, 171,796 Bitcoins)
                  • Quotes BloombergYahoo
                  • Historical Gegevens Yahoo
                  • Tracking Error with BTC
                    • Spil of 27-Dec-2018 GBTC had premium overheen BTC of +57% (GBTC price / NAV spil reported by Bloomberg)
                      • LedgerX offers Bitcoin lodged options
                      • Their options are “physically” lodged with Bitcoin
                      • To participate if emerges you voorwaarde be an institution or a high netwerken worth ($Ten million+) individual
                      • See this pagina for a presently listed options and interchanges

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