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Spel of Birds, a Fresh Spel With Bitcoin Tipping Feature

MandelDuck, the developer of the free spel SaruTobi that awards player with real Bitcoins for playing, has released a fresh spel with Bitcoin Tipping feature called Spel of Birds. This is kleintje of a parody mimicking the Spel of Thrones franchise te its name, but the spel actually does not have anything to do with the popular TV series, strafgevangenis it is just another Flappy Birds clone. It is actually a fund and engaging spel that requires some logic thinking and some experimenting until you reach the best way to free a trapped little chick from the bad owls that surround it. To free the little chick and let it fly away free you need to use different kleintje of bombs to get rid of the bad owls, but beware there are some more bad things around you – greedy Foxes, Zombie viruses and deadly Wild Fires. Then there are also some Bitcoins that you can spot scattered among the levels, collecting thesis award you with real Bitcoin tips that are presently te the form of 100 vinnig or 10000 satoshi vanaf peak.

The previous spel SaruTobi relies on the Xapo online Bitcoin wallet, so you have to come in your email address that is also the username for your wallet to get the Bitcoin tips. Te their fresh spel called Spel of Birds the developers evidently determined to go for an alternative, s o they are using the Coinbase online Bitcoin wallet instead. Te order to be able to receive Bitcoin tips while playing the spel you will have to inject your Coinbase username which is also the email address that you used to register at the service. Ter order to get your Bitcoin peak or 100 pinnig (10000 satoshi) while playing the spel all you have to do is demolish a Bitcoin coin that you see ter the level you are playing.

The fresh Spel of Birds spel is only available for iOS devices, just like SaruTobi, spil MandelDuck is developing games for the Apple mobile verhoging, so unluckily Android owners will not be able to check the spel out. Do note that it requires iOS 8.1 or straks and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but is optimized for iPhone Five, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. A word of warning, the spel can be addictive, so be careful spil you progress through the different levels the difficulty also increases. So just have joy playing and love the real Bitcoin tips you can earn while you have joy playing the spel.

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The Bitcoin Tipping Spel SaruTobi is Back on the App Store

The iOS spel SaruTobi that has recently bot taken down from Apple’s App Store is now available again. Previously the spel used in-game Bitcoins and Black Coins that had no real connection to their actual counterparts, but that wasgoed evidently a concern for Apple to take the spel down makeshift. So no the previously available in-game Bitcoins are substituted with Bananas (available ter the spel and spil an in-game purchase option) and the Black Coins are now Bitcoins and the spel is now back online on the App Store. The best thing about SaruTobi is that it awards players with tips te actual Bitcoins, you need to collect 12 in-game Bitcoins and you can request a peak that will be sent to you. The amount of each BTC peak can vary, but is presently ter inbetween 50 and 100 onvriendelijk or 5000 and 1000 satoshi. So if you still have not attempted the spel you might give it a go, it is a joy thing to spend your idle time playing for a while and you may actually get a BTC prize for doing so.

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The Spel SaruTobi Has Bot Taken Down from the App Store

It seems that the iOS spel that prizes players with Bitcoin Tips, SaruTobi, has bot taken down from Apple’s App Store makeshift. The reason given according to the spel’s developer is the fact that players may be confused that the Bitcoins they can buy in-game might be real Bitcoin and not in-game currency. This “problem” has bot immobilized already evidently and the updated version of the spel is already awaiting approval according to a status update published on MandelDuck’s official Facebook pagina. If you have already downloaded and installed the spel on your iPhone or iPad you can proceed to play it without any problems and get Bitcoin Tips when you collect enough black Coins.

Here is a quote of the postbode from SaruTobi’s developer:

Apple liquidated the app from sale on the weekend overheen concerns users would be confused overheen the use of ter spel Bitcoins (not real) and actual real Bitcoin.

Mainly because there is an te app purchase that lets you buy the ter spel coins, Apple are worried that users may think they are buying real Bitcoin, fair enough (even however it tells them they aren’t).

I have had to fix this punt and the updated app is presently waiting for review and should be live te the app store soon.

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