Chapter Two, Ethereum Wallet, Blockk

Te this chapter you will learn what exactly is an Ethereum wallet, te which forms wallets occur and what is the best ethereum wallet vanaf category.

You might think … a wallet? Why would a digital currency need a wallet? The reason for this is very ordinary, because Ethereum is decentralized, you have no canap or other party that keeps your digital currency. Ter other words: you are responsible for your own money!

Fortunately, it is not spil scary spil it seems, and working and installing a wallet is not only effortless, but rather intuitive!

What is an Ethereum Wallet?

An Ethereum wallet is a digital wallet for your Ether (ETH). If you see Ether spil a digital translation of physical money, you would consider an Ethereum wallet spil a digital translation of an account / wallet.

Normally you would ask your bankgebouw if you can draw up an account. The handelsbank then arranges the things around it and asks you a certain price for drawing up your account. This is not the case te cryptocurrencies, you are your own handelsbank, spil it were!

You can have spil many wallets spil you want, and can create and manage numerous Ethereum addresses free of charge. An Ethereum address is comparable to a handelsbank account, which consists of two keys. An Ethereum wallet consists of a Private and Public key. Both of which look like a series of numbers and letters such spil: “92611da3cec1b4c8f5005bcef1102ba3ac704454e6a77b1d297b862fc7c22209” .

The Public key is what gives a person or example where you want to receive Ether (ETH). Spil the name suggests, this is a public key!

The Private key is what you use to send / spend Ether (ETH) yourself. Spil the name implies, this key is private and therefore only for you! That is logical, of course, since you vereiste be the only one who vereiste be able to spend Ether.

The use of a wallet is similar to the use of a traditional canap account. The only difference is the fact that you have two separate accounts for sending and receiving your money, or ter this case your Ether.

Furthermore, the process is very effortless an intuitive, do you want to receive money from a friend? Or do you want to deposit Ether on your wallet that you have just bought? Then you give your audience key when you buy or with your friend.

Do you want to transfer money to an exchange or to a person? Then you have to know their public key and come in your own private key to permit the payment. Ter addition, it is often also possible to transfer money via QR-CODE via your mobile! But also to receive by sending someone the QR code.

Types of Ethereum wallets

There are Five types of Ethereum wallets to choose from, each with its own for and disadvantage. It is therefore wise to very first explain each type, to help you better with your choice. So let’s see where you can choose from:

‘Cold’ and ‘Hot’ Ethereum wallets

Before wij dive deeper into all types of wallets, it is significant to shortly distinguish inbetween a cold storage and hot storage wallet. Thesis are both terms that you will often see coming back ter the search for a good Ethereum wallet.

Cold Ethereum wallets

Cold Ethereum wallets are wallets that are not connected to the internet. You often have this wallet physically ter possession and not on a webstek, rekentuig or cloud. This makes this type of storage much better protected against online attacks or other forms of deception. Given that this wallet is out of reach of, for example, hackers.

For this reason, cold storage is often looked at if one intends to keep cryptocurrencies te the long term. You can compare this type of wallet with a savings account!


A hardware ethereum wallet makes it possible to store your ethereum offline, making it the safest method.

Thesis wallets have a petite internal pc or brainy card that enables them to create offline “private” keys. This makes them utterly safe, which is why wij strongly recommend them if you have a large number of Ether.

A hardware wallet can function flawlessly spil a daily wallet, you can set it up just spil swift spil doing a USB ter a rekentuig. Yet that will never be lighter than using a webstek. Spil a result, they are often more popular with people who want to keep coins ter the long term, or who have a large quantity that they want to keep safe from the internet.

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the request for hardware wallets has risen, with more and more options coming out every year. However, at the uur there are only Three wallets that clearly perform the best, and because of that have become so popular with Ethereum holders.

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