How safe is Zebpay wallet for bitcoin?

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Yes, you read that right. No wallets are safe.

That is why you should always diversify. Any wallet can get hacked.

So do not keep all your money te one place.

Plus, ZEBPAY or UNOCOIN can take all your BITCOINS and run away.

Yes, that is possible. Very much like a Canap running away with all your money.

But they will not.

My advice: You need to keep this only ter wallets which have private keys.

Leegloop is one such example. Nano Ledger S is the best option.

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Any exchange is not 100% secure. Zebpay provides a hot wallet for BTC. Its Public spil well spil Private Key both are stored on its server. If its server gets hacked then you may get compromised. Recall, if you store your Bitcoins on the Blockchain, basically te a cold storage, then the onus is on you to reminisce your private key. If it gets lost, then again you are ter big trouble.

To summarise, here are ways ter which you can get screwed:

Bitcoins on hot wallets like Zebpay, Coinbase, Unocoin etc.: If the company that runs the service gets hacked or if someone gets access to your device with the wallet account logged te

Bitcoins on cold storage like paper wallet, hardware wallets etc.: If you leave behind your private key

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For detailed information on how to invest te Bitcoin please see:

Indians are mostly using thesis two for their btc purchases:

Thesis people dont have guts and to open a zindelijk exchange. All greedy fellows selling their own bitcoin to uneducated investors/people ter India. Do not go with them ,service is also shit . Attempt Coinsecure.

Ter summary, ZebPay states that their prices are high because:

There is no single international price. Prices vary significantly inbetween exchanges te different countries. (so you are basically telling you can charge whatever you want since there is no ",stationary", price).

Our prices are not higher because wij are fleecing our users. Wij keep enlargening the sell price till wij have sellers. And wij keep the buy prices very high to discourage buyers. If wij don’t do this, wij will have no stock left to sell.

The other thing you will notice is that difference inbetween our buy and sell prices increases when prices are volatile. Wij have to do this spil explained above to manage buy and sell request. When prices are relatively stable, wij can manage our stocks better and wij reduce the spread.

ZebPay is NOT an exchange, tho’ it may look like one.

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