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The Different Types of Cryptocurrencies

Albeit there are technically overheen 1000 cryptocurrencies, only a handful are relevant. Of those, even less have a market cap above $1 million. Below is a list of significant cryptocurrencies and extra resources you can use to learn more about all the different cryptocurrency types.

Peak: Wij created this webpagina te 2015, here three years zometeen (ter 2018) the market has evolved and switched a considerable amount. Thus, presenting a list of cryptocurrencies went from being a reasonable thing to do to an unlikely task for a webpagina that doesn’t have to make a list of cryptos spil its main concentrate. For a list of most of the current cryptocurrencies, you can check out Our geschreven list below will concentrate only on some top coins that have made it through the years or that are still relevant today.

List of Top Cryptocurrencies 2015 – 2018

To begin this pagina off, let’s very first take a look at the top Ten or so cryptocurrencies of 2015 – 2018 to get a sense of which ones have stuck around and which ones could be significant ter the years to come.

This list wasgoed created by us ( and is based on familiarity, market cap (total coins that will everzwijn be produced times current value), the ease with which a coin can be traded for fiat currency like the US dollar, and the coins potential to sustain trends.

Ter other words, thesis are the coins that wij think make the most valid investments (ter general, not at a given uur) and are worth exploring for fresh coin users (not simply the coins with the highest market cap, value, or most relevance alone). With that said, any “best of” list is roped to have a bias, and this is true for this list spil well. Feel free to make up your mind.

Te our opinion, the most relevant cryptocurrencies here ter 2018 are:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is an effortless pick. It wasgoed the very first major usable cryptocurrency, it has the highest market cap, its coins trade at the highest cost of all cryptocurrencies (about USD 225 spil of June 2015, but spil high spil $Five,000 during early September 2018). Despite the big increase te price, Bitcoin seems to be the best choice for anyone coming in the cryptocurrency space. It is the most familiar and invested-in coin. Primarily Bitcoin is the reason anyone is talking about cryptocurrency te the very first place. You might not want to begin a CPU-based Bitcoin mining company ter 2018 or commence buying coins for $Five,000 each (which is fine since you can buy fractions of a coin) but it’s still going to take 1st place on our list.
  • Litecoin: Litecoin is most likely the 2nd most significant digital coin [true te 2015, it is still relevant today]. It had the third-highest market cap spil of June 2015, but today it sits closer to 7. Despite the decline, CPU mining is still sort of possible, people know what a Litecoin is, it uses essentially the same technology of Bitcoin, and it costs about 1/50th – 1/100th of what Bitcoin does (depending on the day). A Litecoin is a loterijlot like a Bitcoin before the entire ‘Silk Road’ controversy, or spil some people would say “a Litecoin is like a Bitcoin except with a value closer to what a reasonable person would expect a digital coin to have ter a rational market.”
  • Ethereum: Is most likely the third most significant coin [here ter 2018, I’d argue that it is the 2nd most significant after Bitcoin]. Ethereum doesn’t have the longevity at the top like Litecoin, but it has some unique features and a market cap that make it a real contender. Most ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) use Ethereum. It has a less intimidating cost that Bitcoin and has the 2nd highest market cap. On that note, Ethereum classic is also notable. Ethereum is a spin-off (aka “hard fork”) from what isn’t today called Ethereum classic (like how our next up coin, Bitcoin metselspecie, is a spin-off of Bitcoin.)
  • BitcoinCash and Bitcoin Gold: BitcoinCash is a spin-off of bitcoin, meant to have quicker transactions, voted on and implemented by the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin Gold is also a spin-off, the aim of that coin is to have a coin that can be mined with a GPU (graphics processor, like the ones AMD and NVIDIA make). It is too early to be sure, but thesis coins have a high market cap and could form up to be top players overheen the long run. Keep your eye on them, but don’t expect them to be ensured the staying power of Bitcoin. They are interesting altcoins, but it’s unlikely either will everzwijn truly challenge Bitcoin for the top spot. The concept here is that Bitcoin is so relevant that it is significant to keep an eye on its forks.
  • Ripple (XRP): Ripple (decently known spil XRP) tends to have a sustained price due to its large supply. It has had staying power overheen time. Its a popular and speedy alternative to Bitcoin that often is less volatile than other coins toward the top of the list.
  • IOTA: IOTA is a popular coin with a large supply (meaning there are many MIOTAs out there). It has one of the highest market caps today due to the tech behind it being embraced by some big-name companies like Cisco Systems Inc, Volkswagen AG, and Samsung Group. Any coin te the top Ten by market cap is worth watching. IOTA is no exception.
  • Darkcoin (Dash): Darkcoin, known spil Dash spil of March 25, 2015 (dash=digital specie), but previously known spil XCoin, has unique functionality. XCoin wasgoed developed by Evan Duffield who wished to improve on Bitcoin but didn’t have the pull to do so. Thus, he developed his own coin. It takes less power to mine Dash than most coins. Using less energy to mine is significant because mining coins is one of the most wasteful processes you can imagine. The wasteful mining process is key to security and stability of all coins that use a “proof-of-work” system. It prevents people from mining too quick. However, environmentally, it’s a nightmare. Te 2015 wij had said, “People know what a Darkcoin is. Hopefully, this familiarity rolls overheen to Dash” (today few reminisce XCoin and Darkcoin, and Dash is a well-known crypto). Back ter 2015, Dash wasgoed one of the higher valued coins. Today that is still true, and Dash has performed almost spil well competitors like Ethereum.
  • Tether: Tether is meant to reflect the price of the US dollar. There are some criticisms to consider. But if you want a stable coin for makeshift use, Tether tends to be a good choice. It isn’t an investment, it is a place to park your value te crypto when you are in-between coins.

Below are coins that are no longer on our list of suggestions. They looked fine te 2015, but they didn’t stand up overheen time. Consider wij noted Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash ter 2015, and wij noted the coins below. If you invested ter them at the time, you did very well. That said, being off the list doesn’t make thesis coins a bad bet, it just means they aren’t spil attractive spil they once were:

  • Namecoin: Te 2015 Namecoin looked promising, here ter 2018 there is a little less hype. Still, Namecoin is notable. Namecoin is almost the same spil Bitcoin. It wasgoed the very first “fork” of the Bitcoin software. It’s based on Bitcoin and has the same unit cap, but has a few tweaks ter its gegevens storage. Namecoin wasgoed originally just going to be an upgrade to Bitcoin, but people were jumpy that it would pose issues. So Namecoin is similar to Bitcoin, but like all the currencies that are not-Bitcoin, it is worth a fraction of Bitcoin. Its solid background and reasonable price point make it a relatively good coin to invest te. Of all the coins noted so far, Namecoin has performed the most poorly so far. It is still priced very low te USD.
  • Nxt: Not only does this nifty coin sport a name similar to Steve Job’s other company, it uses a cool and different algorithm for producing coins. This algorithm – an implementation of a proof-of-stake scheme rather than proof-of-work – may be less burdensome on the environment and has long-term potential. It may be worth a tad less than the other coins wij recommend, it is worth about a penny on the dollar on a good day. However, less cost vanaf coin means you have less to lose if the coin value deflates. Nxt is like Namecoin. It had a super cool code but didn’t however perform at the same level spil other cryptos (until late 2018 where it eyed a notable price hike). It is still priced very low ter USD.
  • Peercoin: Like Nxt, Peercoin (abbreviated PPC) uses a proof-of-stake system, te fact, it wasgoed the very first proof-of-stake coin. It’s worth about $0.40 on the USD and has a market cap of almost ten million. This coin has everything going for it and might be a clever bet spil far spil cryptocurrency goes. Spil an verzekeringspremie to the confidence and quality of the coin, Peercoin wasgoed developed by Sunny King. Sunny King is, or might be, the person who created Bitcoin or another coin, or maybe Bruce Wayne or Clark Weet. It’s hard to tell spil the culture of cryptocurrency puts importance on peer-to-peer, code, and coin overheen developers. Still, he is significant, and like-it-or-not little things like this could be the determining factor ter whether a coin buries or swims ter the fresh market. Peercoin has a story like Nxt and Namecoin where they are long-running coins.
  • Dogecoin: Dogecoin (like the “Doge” internet meme about a dog and misspelling) had the 7th highest Market cap spil of June 2015. Ter 2018 it wasgoed still a contender albeit it wasgoed more of one early te 2018. Individual coins aren’t worth spil much spil other coins on the list, but it’s value and popularity have remained relatively stable despite notable highs and lows. Dogecoin uses the same essential technology spil Bitcoin with a few significant technical distinctions. Like the failed Coinye Westelijk, Dogecoin wasgoed just te it for the lolz (i.e., it wasgoed created spil a joke), but unlike Coinye, Dogecoin became inexplicably popular. Why do wij suggest a joke coin? Because it’s a popular coin and today the only funny part about it is the name (and it’s mascot and backstory). It’s a lotsbestemming like Litecoin — a fairly priced coin with some degree consumer confidence. Dogecoin has, one might argue, turned their comedic origins into an excuse to make their coin “fun and friendly,” which wasgoed a brainy long-term budge. It’s also one of the only major cryptocurrencies with a .com Top-Level Domain name and is one of the few that attempts to reach an audience outside of techies and cryptography nerds. Spil of September 2018, Dogecoin had taken a hammering ter value. One could argue that its roots spil a joke coin weren’t spil fine a long-term strategy spil it had once seemed (albeit one could argue the volatility it has seen is just business spil usual te the cryptocurrency space.)

Other honorable mentions: Cardano (ADA), Stellar Lumens (XLM), NEO, NEM, Monero, and a few others all have ge values, familiarity, and respectable market caps. Some even have better exchange rates presently then our top picks for coins. So, make sure not to dismiss the other forerunners (or even some odd altcoins with interesting code). Wij could lightly see one a given existing altcoin or even a fresh coin spring up to the top of the list at any ogenblik. The cryptocurrency market is youthfull and volatile if you toevluchthaven’t discovered that already.

Peak: The top coins by market cap are usually the best bets. Most of the top coins today were toward the top of the list back ter 2015. There are a few coins high on the list today that you should be wary of, for example, Bitconnect. There are a few fresh ones, like the Bitcoin forks, Bitcoin Contant and Bitcoin Gold, that are fresh to the list. Meantime, there are a few that didn’t stand up to the test of time, like Peercoin. Spil a rule of thumb, historically speaking, the higher the coin is on the list, the more solid it is an investment overheen time.

Note: Te most cases, you’ll have a hard time trading anything other than Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum for actual fiat (centrally issued money of nations). You can trade most coins at online cryptocurrency exchanges, and you can use some coins to buy certain things online, but converting an altcoin into fiat currency means converting to a major coin very first (BTC or ETH generally). A coin having a theoretical value ter USD doesn’t mean that anyone is going to give you USD or pay that rate for your coins. This is more like selling penny stocks or trading one baseball card for another than actually having money on mitt. So, keep that and the volatility of the markets and coins te mind when investing.

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