BitCrane T-110S 1 Th

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Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining

By Bringing Bitcoin Mining to Your Huis

The idea of the T-110s wasgoed formed keeping te view the origin of Bitcoin spil a decentralized currency. The T-110S is the very first Terahash-grade Bitcoin miner specifically designed for the huis.

With four ultra-silent ventilatoren supported by Ongezouten Voeling Liquid Cooling (DCLC&trade,) technology, the T-110S is designed to operate at Terahash speeds with the least possible sound.

The T-110s has an average sound level of less than 60dB &ndash, the sound level of a normal conversation!

The plug-and-hash hardware setup, and the user-friendly hash-and-forget software operation, permit any first-time miner to begin mining with the T-110S within minutes from unpacking it.

EZ Stack&trade,

BitCrane’s EZ Stack&trade, vormgeving lets you lightly setup numerous mining systems with minimal footprint te a rack-less environment (no more than four units vanaf stack is recommended). T-110S offers one of the most light and klein designs (includes power supply) te its class.

Dimensions: 16.7 x 12.Four x 6.Five ter. (42.Five x 31.6 x 16.6cm)

Televisiekanaal Weight: 20 lbs (9.1kg)

The power and stability of the T-110S resides within the two UltraHoist ASIC Blades &ndash, built using Industrial Grade components &ndash, to ensure optimal spectacle overheen long-term use.

The T-110S has bot tested for Electromagnetic Interference spil well spil Electromagnetic Compatibility and is certified for CE and FCC Class-B (for “residential use”) compliance.

This ensures that the T-110S is spil safe for you and your loved ones spil any other household appliance ter your huis.

Product Specifications

  • Emissions Compliance: FCC/CE
  • Safety Certification: CE
  • Ventilatoren: Four
  • Effective Hash Rate: 1 THps
  • UltraHoist Module: Two
  • ASIC Process Knot: 28nm
  • Controller Houtvezelplaat: A10
  • Controller Houtvezelplaat OS: Linux (embedded)
  • Mining software: CGminer with web-based management interface
  • Form Factor: Desktop or EZ Stack multi-unit stack vormgeving
  • Network: Single Ten/100 Ethernet Port
  • Cooling: Rechtstreeks Voeling Liquid Cooling System
  • Power Supply: 1100W
  • Input Rating: 110


  • Nominal Power Consumption: Approx. 900W
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 32 – 95°,F (0 – 30°,C)
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