Bitstamp Granted Licence for Bitcoin Exchange

Bitstamp, a European Union bitcoin market established ter 2011 that permits individuals to securely buy and sell bitcoins worldwide, has bot granted a licence by the Luxembourg government to be a fully-regulated and licenced exchange te the European Union.

The news is the result of a rigorous application process to the Luxembourg Financial Industry Supervisory Commission (known spil CSSF) strakheid almost two years, which included security reviews ter addition to an audit by Ernst &, Youthful Luxembourg. Nejc KodriДЌ, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitstamp, believes this is an unprecedented ogenblik for BTC and brings a fresh era of security and transparency to the industry. &ldquo,Luxembourg is a country that is known for its long-standing history spil an international leader ter ePayments and gegevens privacy spil well spil being the European headquarters for many global players including Amazon, PayPal and Skype and therefore embodies an exceptionally strong infrastructure spil well spil the financial and security awareness wij seeking.&rdquo,

Bitcoin, the very first decentralised digital money since 2009, is mined with algorithms and is limited to 21 million of bitcoins. Ter 2010, the price for one bitcoin wasgoed less than $1 with today&rsquo,s price at $470. Bitstamp`s licence is passportable into the 28 EU Member States, providing all European customers with a sturdy, secure verhoging for bitcoin trading.

The license also brings a fully regulated and licensed trading whereby gold can be bought or sold for bitcoins within the entire European Union. Te January, Moro made a strategic decision for off the hook collaboration with Bitstamp, and will be the very first company to implement regulated trading with bitcoins for gold bullion across Europe.

Since the beginning of 2016, Bitstamp has permitted individuals to securely buy and sell bitcoins worldwide. Irena Moro, Director of Moro&,Kunst, says that trading gold with bitcoins offers investors the chance to withdraw their bitcoins by converting them into gold. &ldquo,This permits investors to leverage the difference inbetween the exchange rates of BTC and gold and consequently acquire more gold at the right time. This good advantage has brought investors to our company from across the European Union, with the bullion delivered te a day or two.&rdquo, At Bitstamp, the third largest market by volume, gold is traded from one gram to one-kilo parcels.

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