Indian Bitcoin Exchange Zebpay Adds Litecoin Support

On January 25, 2018, Zebpay, one of India’s most popular mobile-based cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the addition of Litecoin to its trading podium. Te a blog postbode on its webstek, the company stated that the cryptocurrency is one of the several other tokens that are also scheduled to be added ter the near future.

Litecoin, released ter October 2011 by former Google employee, Charlie Lee, wasgoed introduced spil a lighter alternative to bitcoin. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies presently on the market and has a market cap of close to $Ten billion. Te December 2018, Litecoin reached an all time high price of around $350.

Litecoin is the 2nd cryptocurrency that has bot added to Zebpay overheen the past few weeks. Earlier ter January 2018, the company flipped out the capability for users to trade Bitcoin Metselspecie (BCH).

Users of Zebpay that held any amount of bitcoin prior to the Bitcoin Contant hard fork on August 1, 2018 were also given an omschrijving amount of BCH once the cryptocurrency wasgoed added to the toneelpodium. Some customers, however, were able to withdraw their Bitcoin Metselspecie balances to their outer wallets spil early spil November 2018. On December 14, Zebpay withdrew the option of sending the forked cryptocurrency to other wallets te favor of crediting the balance to its own trading toneelpodium once released. The company held up its end of the bargain once Bitcoin Metselspecie trading became available through its mobile app however.

Importantly, however, Zebpay does not opoffering cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency pairings on its trading platform`. Converting inbetween different digital currencies requires the user to very first ‘sell’ their holdings for fiat omschrijving, making the entire process susceptible to market volatility.

According to Zebpay’s November newsletter , the company will also be introducing Ripple and Ethereum to its exchange. Based on the time interval inbetween the addition of Bitcoin Contant and Litecoin, it may only be a duo of months before all four digital currencies can be traded on the podium.

Spil of December 2018, Zebpay serves overheen Two million users with that number expected to rise te the near future. Furthermore, the Zebpay mobile app has found fine success on the Android and iOS marketplaces hitting other finance applications possessed by private sector banks te the country. It faces harsh competition from other platform-agnostic exchanges, however, including the likes of Koinex and Coinsecure . The former supports other cryptocurrencies spil well, including Golem, IOTA and OmiseGO.

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