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Fresh Litecoin hardware means altstem miners will ditch their packs

If you’ve bot mining “low-price Bitcoin wannabe” Litecoins with a equipment of graphics cards, now is the time to shuffle them off to eBay – unless you can find a better use for them.

Chinese chip manufacturer Innosilicon is now selling its “A2 Terminator”, a 28nm ASIC for mining Litecoins. It goes after on the high-heeled slippers of its A1 suggesting, a Bitcoin ASIC.

The A2 is capable of 1.8 mega hashes vanaf 2nd (MH/s) at only 13W power consumption, and Innosilicon configures this to 88MH/s vanaf opbergruimte spectacle with a 750W power supply. That means one A2 ASIC will hit the best GPU graphics card ter the world by almost twice the vertoning yet consumes 40 times less power. All this means nothing, however, if you’re spending more on power than you’re making on the transactions.

Chips and miners are now being sold with chips at $199 each and miners at $12k but this is aimed at resellers who will order at least 20 miners at a time.

Innosilicon has hammered rival ASIC-pusher KnC Miner to be the very first to ship a Litecoin chip, with the KnC Titian being listed spil coming te “Q2/Q3” this year, and costing $Five,495 for a 150MH/s opbergruimte.

At the time of writing, Litecoin were trading at $9.85 each but more typically people mining Litecoin exchange them for Bitcoins and arbitrage the difference ter the relative growth te complexity of Litecoin and Bitcoin. The arms wedloop from the introduction of Litecoin hardware will soon make graphics card mining uneconomic.

We’ve seen exactly the same path taken by Bitcoin, which went from processor mining, to graphics card GPU mining to custom-built ASICs, and wij are now watching a battle inbetween the manufacturers of Bitcoin ASICs.

Litecoin shows up to be taking the same route. People who had bot using the GPUs on graphics cards switched to Litecoin when the Bitcoin difficulty made the treatment uneconomical. There are other alternative currencies which might have some mileage for graphics cards, but this truly does feel like the end of the road for the treatment.

You thought the BITCOIN market wasgoed unstable? Fledgling

While people keep Bitcoins, they seem more likely to trade Litecoins – which makes the market even more unstable. Bitcoins peaked at overheen $1,000 a coin but for the past month have bot unusually stable at inbetween $450 and $500. This reduces the arbitrage opportunities spil the Litecoin difficulty also increases and what is necessary for Litecoin to be economic is a liggen inbetween the rate at which Bitcoin and Litecoin difficulty increases coupled with a rise ter the value of Bitcoins.

Despite Nvidia claiming that it is growth te gaming that has led to its latest better-than-expected fourth quarter results, there voorwaarde be a significant level of mining te thesis figures and the budge to ASICs can only serve to cool the sales of the very fastest graphics cards. ®

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