Free LTC from the Litecoin Faucet!

Get your free LTC!

Turbo charge your faucet earnings!

You can now mine XRP te your browser! Hashes solved are converted to XRP and credited to your faucet balance daily!

This is opt-in only – no mining will occur without your permission 🙂

This is a BETA version while wij metal out any bugs that come up.

Look for the Mining Console on the Account pagina.

Inject your LTC address






What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone ter the world.

Mining Cryptocurrencies

Litecoin can be mined using the Scrypt algorithm.

LitecoinFaucet.informatie now enables you to ‘mine’ LTC directly ter your browser! Wij do this by mining a different currency and then paying you out te LTC!

Just make a eis and visit the Account pagina when you can use the mining console to commence mining LTC straight away. All your mining income is directly credited to your LitecoinFaucet.informatie balance each day. You can adjust how much of your pc resources to use for mining by setting the number of threads and mining speed. To increase your hash rate you can mine on numerous computers!

Trading Cryptocurrencies

If you want to turn your coin hoard directly into metselspecie or are just looking to make metselspecie off cryptocurrency trading, LitecoinFaucet.informatie recommends Changelly. You can buy and sell LTC instantly with their effortless to use interface. It couldn’t be lighter to begin trading like a professional!

Inactive accounts

To ensure the highest possible payouts, it is necessary to free up LTC claimed by users that no longer use the faucet.

If you have not made a voorkeur or mined ter the last 30 days your account will be deemed inactive and your non-withdrawn balance will be forfeited. Any referrals you have made will also be eliminated from the system.

How do I stay active?

Effortless! Make sure you visit the faucet and make a rechtsvordering at least once every 30 days.

I refer fresh users, but don’t rechtsvordering myself. Will this keep my account active?

No. You need to make a voorkoop yourself at least once every 30 days te order to keep your account active.

I only mine LTC, but uncommonly voorkoop myself. Will this keep my account active?

Yes. Spil long spil you mine or make a keuze every 30 days your account will remain active.

My account wasgoed made inactive, can I get back my LTC?

No. Your LTC has bot used to fund fatter payouts for users of the faucet. You can proceed making claims and commence earning LTC again – just reminisce to make a eis at least once every 30 days.

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