Largest Bitcoin Mining Farm ter UK Seeking Investors

Bladetec, a UK tech company with past practice ter IT support for NATO and the UK Ministry of Defense, is building the very first Bitcoin mine te Europe funded by investors te a limited company protected by UK law.

Bladetec Raising Ten million To Build Largest Bitcoin Farm Te The UK

Located ter the Southeast of the United Kingdom, the facility – Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mining Company (TBBMC) – will voorkant Trio,500 square feet divided te three locations ter London, Surrey, and Suffolk.

Te order to build and operate the farm for up to two years, the company is raising Ten million from investors. With the money, Bladetec “will acquire approximately 1000 ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits)-based Mining Computers all running at 43 Terra-Hashes vanaf 2nd (a speed so unfathomably prompt, it’s nigh on unlikely to quantify, suffice to say, it’s the fastest available globally today)”, says the campaign published on Envestry.

This will create a significant global mine, placing them ter the world’s top 25 and spil a result of this superior position, produce significant comebacks for shareholders.

The TBBMC project offers wants a ondergrens investment of Five,000 from each investor. Due to its Bitcoin’s volatile nature, the project permits for four different growth scripts with up to 45% capital growth vanaf year and an uitgang within Two to Trio years. At that stage, shareholders’ comes back “will be based on the proceeds of the sale of the mined Bitcoins and the ASIC machines”.

The four different screenplays range from a 40% druppel te BTC price to an eventual +50% rally. The terugwedstrijd on investment after 24 months is projected to go spil high spil 210,157 with an initial investment of 100,000, according to the company’s projections. If the price of Bitcoin does druppel by 40%, an investor would lose approximately 22% of capital.

According to The Telegraph, the company is programma to mine 1,280 bitcoins te the two-year period. It is hard to predict how much those Bitcoins will be worth te two years. At current prices, they would be valued at 7.8 million, but much can switch and most likely will before 2021. Most of the funds raised are destined to be spent on energy costs, even spil Bladetec reaches an agreement with a wind farm to keep the energy bills low, spil intended.

Bitcoin farming is more attractive for business te countries with colder weather, such spil China and Iceland. The Icelandic authorities, however, may implement a tax on Bitcoin mining due to the energy consumption. And the Chinese government insists on ending all cryptocurrency trading and mining ter the country.

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