Payment Gateway Icons

by Blaz ·, Published March 21, 2018 ·, Updated March 14, 2018

Payment Gateway Icons is a plugin that will substitute your current Appthemes based theme druppel down menukaart of possible payment gateways with a beautiful icon based payment gateway selection.

Payment Gateway Icons

Here are some pictures for you to see what it does.

Basic Classipress druppel down selection for payment gateways looks like this:

Old Payment Gateway Dropdown

And this is how it will look when you install this plugin:

Fresh Payment Gateway Icons

Looks a lotsbestemming better, don’t you think? There is even more…

You can see there are some lines around the icons. Different colors have different meanings and they are not there just for joy.

Appthemes supports lots of payment gateways and this plugin also supports all payment gateways that are available on Appthemes webstek. It is also very elementary to add your own payment gateway if it is not included te this plugin, you just have to create an icon for it and add one line of code ter .css verkeersopstopping.

Presently there are icons for thesis payment gateways:

Installation is like for every other plugin. You can install it from Plugin pagina or copy it to plugins folder.

After activating this plugin go to plugin setting and there you will have to click a button for integration with your theme.

This plugin also works if you have a child theme installed, but you will have to check very first if your child theme uses thesis two files and make required corrections by hand.

There are also language files so you will be able to translate the plugin settings to you language if you desire.

What else “Payment Gateway Icons” can do:

With this plugin you will have the capability to add your own icons. How? Effortless! You just create fresh folder ter styles folder and give it a name. Then you have to create your own icons for all the payment gateway that you need.

Te this folder there are extra two files that need to be there.

One is a pg-style.css that is a elementary .css style which holds names of your payment gateway icons. This opstopping is needed for the plugin to know which verkeersopstopping goes to what payment gateway.

Another verkeersopstopping is an picture called admin-icons.jpg that will be shown ter the admin section under plugin settings. It is not required, but it is nice to see how a style looks. Here is a screenshot of admin settings pagina:

Payment Gateway Admin settings

There are already Three styles included ter this plugin, Grey, White and Color. But if you don’t like them, you can lightly create your own.

Extra note:

Since I can not test the names of all payment gateways it might toebijten that some payment gateway icons won’t voorstelling on your webpagina. All you have to do is to open pg-style.css opstopping and name the style the same way the payment gateway is named. And also rename the pic to the same name.

Or send mij a list of your Available gateway names that you can find on Settings pagina and I will juist the names and send you a fresh version of plugin.

Version history

2014/Ten/06 – 1.0.0 – Initial version

2015/01/Nineteen – 1.1.0 – Made compatible with Classipress Trio.Four and higher (tested up to CP Three.6.x)

2015/02/21 – 1.1.Two – Stationary some bugs

2015/04/30 – 1.1.Trio – Made compatible with Classipress Three.Trio and Three.Four.1. Also added language files.

2015/05/26 – Two.0.0 – Added support for extra themes and eliminated the need for substituting files.

2015/08/29 – Two.0.1 – Immovable some bugs.

2016/02/03 – Two.1.0 – Added Five fresh payment gateways

2016/02/04 – Two.Two.0 – Added warning if plugin is not integrated into main theme.

2016/02/25 – Two.Two.1 – Some visual corrections ter admin menukaart

2016/03/01 – Two.Two.Two – Added text for .css files on admin screen to help you add custom-made payment gateway icons

2016/03/21 – Two.Two.Three – Stationary a bug when uninstalling plugin

2016/04/05 – Two.Two.Four – Motionless a minor bug with notice synchronization

2016/06/29 – Two.Two.Five – GoUrl icons added

2016/07/20 – Two.Two.6 – Added a tooltip on the picture

2016/11/30 – Two.Two.7 – Plugin optimization and SEO optimization

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