YouTube serves cryptocurrency miner-laden ads which drains your CPU power

The miners, te thesis cases, when infects the device of a user it can use up to 80 procent of the CPU power of the device

Even websites wielded by Google are not safe from cryptocurrency miner attacks. Numerous researchers pointed out that attackers were using ads on YouTube to leech CPU power of the people’s devices using the webstek.

Last week, web designer Diego Betto said that while browsing YouTube the Avast anti-virus detected the presence of a Coinhive miner on the webstek. When the pagina wasgoed examined, it displayed that one of the ads wasgoed infected.

Hey @avast_antivirus seems that you are blocking crypto miners (#coinhive) te @YouTube #ads

Many other users on Twitter reported the same.

The same form mij. Maybe youtube is using coinhive . com ?

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Por lo visto @YouTube es muy gracioso y no le bastaba con bajarnos lade audiencia, ahora van y nos meten el JavaScript den Coinhive para utilizar nuestros dispositivos para minar Monero! Den verdad, @Google! Que leeches estais haciendo con YouTube??

Google Addsense minando Bitcoin con Coinhive?

Ter both reported YouTube cases, #Coinhive webpagina key “h7axC8ytzLJhIxxvIHMeC0Iw0SPoDwCK” is used. The same key wasgoed also mentioned te a postbode spil showcasing up te a scareware ad.

— Bad Packets Report (@bad_packets) January 26, 2018

Another security solutions rigid Trend Micro reported that attackers manhandled Google’s DoubleClick, the service used by advertisers to distribute ads to Google clients, for traffic distribution.

Trend Micro also said that the number of Coinhive web miner detections tripled due to a malvertising campaign.

“We detected an almost 285 procent increase ter the number of Coinhive miners on January 24. Wij embarked watching an increase te traffic to five malicious domains on January Legal. After closely examining the network traffic, wij discovered that the traffic came from DoubleClick advertisements,” it said.

The activity of miners from January 18-24. Source: Trend Micro

The miners, ter thesis cases, when infects the device of a user it can use up to 80 procent of the CPU power of the device.

Coinhive attacks have bot rampant recently. Earlier, Google Chrome had to take down a Chrome browser extension which wasgoed reported to be secretly mining cryptocurrency using the CPU power of the users.

Before that one of the most popular piracy webstek, The Pirate Bay wasgoed using a JavaScript code that used the visitors’ computers to mine Monero digital coins (a form of cryptocurrency).

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