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Ethereum Mining with NVIDIA on Linux

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by Simon on 6th July 2018

Bitcoin has bot getting a loterijlot of attention ter the media lately, primarily due to its association with latest high profile ransomware incidents. Bitcoin wasgoed very first introduced back te 2009 spil a digital currency and has bot steadily gaining traction since, enhancing almost 140% ter value so far this year!

Bitcoin however, is not the only player te the spel, Ethereum is another popular digital currency, presently sitting at 2nd place te total market value and is getting a lotsbestemming of activity on currency exchanges.

An incentive to help keep the underlying “network” up and running (for both Ethereum and Bitcoin, amongst others) is a lump of software which can be used to validate transactions on the network and punt prizes for doing so. This is otherwise known spil Mining.

My current Gaming PC seems to grab mij a reasonable amount of Ethereum Tokens on Two+ year old hardware. Certainly enough to make mij want to play around with actually mining some.

Shoehorning Proxmox into mdadm RAID1

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by Simon on 12th March 2018

My huis server has always bot somewhat of a Frankenstein’s Monster when it comes to hardware. Until about Two years ago, it consisted of a large JBOD array of several different drive sizes with no kleintje of redundancy what-so-ever – for both OS and Gegevens disks. That all switched however when I determined to invest te some 3TB disks and build a “proper” RAID array for my gegevens, Which coincidentally wasgoed around the same time my gegevens storage array lost a drive resulting te about 800GB of data-loss – I wasgoed incapable to source a welvoeglijk hardware RAID card at the time so I went with Software RAID (mdadm) instead.

The chassis which houses my huis server happens to be an old X-Case proefje that has Ten internal bays, a duo of Five.25″, for Optical drives and a Five.25″, to Trio.Five″, caddy that seems to be designed for a floppy drive (it has a cut-out at the vooraanzicht for access). I use the floppy slot to house my OS disk and the surplus are for my gegevens disks which are all ter RAID6 for redundancy. This gives mij a total of 11 hard drives te this chassis te its default configuration.

When I rebuilt my server to make use of Proxmox, I waterput ter a known-working drive spil the OS drive, It wasgoed an old drive at the time but didn’t have much te the way of power on hours so I figured it’d last mij a while. Here I am a few years zometeen and the drive is still going, but Brainy gegevens is demonstrating some figures that’re making mij worried it’s going to begin having problems soon so I set about substituting it.

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