Bitcoin Scam Attent! List of Bitcoin Scams and Scammers

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

After falling for the latest bitcoin scam out there I am compelled to write about the number of bitcoin scams going on out there and the scammers behind them. My Story began ter a Thursday after noon (Wednesday August 13, 2014) when I wasgoed contacted by a person pretending to be a representative of cryptocoinsnews. com selling sponsored posts on the webpagina with bitcoins. The individual asked for .40 worth of bitcoins for the sponsored postbode but I wasgoed able to persuade him to accept .02 bitcoins. See a copy of the very first bitcoin scam email I received below.

Here’s very first problem I failed to spot. Take a look at the email address the bitcoin scam wasgoed sent from. It reads “[email protected] David Parker is the a real co-owner of the webstek and is listed on the webpagina spil so. David Parker is legit. However, what is not legit is this David Parker from this email address. Someone duplicated to Can you spot the difference? The bitcoin scam webstek/email is with a ‘z’ and the legit bitcoin news webpagina is with an ‘s’. But when the bitcoin scam email is sent, the juist webstek is listed ter the bod of the email with the fraudulent email address!

A few hours straks after negotiating a lower rate for the sponsored postbode, I sent .20 bitcoins to the scam bitcoin address 1NzpPpSKJyFbpUruMkxF8FVm6huoUw hrLc. Little did I know this bitcoin address wasgoed the address that would vanish with my bitcoins to the ‘never recover’ land.

Forward to 9 days straks. After innumerable emails to the fake David Parker asking for the status of the sponsored postbode that wasgoed supposed to be posted within 24 hours, I went to the bitcoin news webpagina and contacted everyone listed on their voeling pagina with a disappointing message. It wasgoed then that I wasgoed sent a postbode written weeks ago about the bitcoin scam artist falsely indicating the real David Parker. I read the postbode and learned that I wasgoed not the only one to fall victim to that particular bitcoin scam.

The same type of scam seems to be running around Coindesk spil well. Someone pretending to be Shakil Khan (Coindesk’s holder) is sending emails regarding fake advertising catches sight of.

Spil a results, I determined to tell my story and create a list of bitcoin scams and scammers to help the bitcoin community identify and neutralize them! Please fell free to add to this list (on the comment pagina and wij will budge them to the list) any known bitcoin scam artist or bitcoin scams!

Scammer: David Parker (the real David Parker is co-owner of with ‘s’ on coin(s))

Bitcoin Scam Webstek: (Legit webstek is with an ‘s’)

Scam Bitcoin Address: 1NzpPpSKJyFbpUruMkxF8FVm6huoUwhrLc

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