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Gimme some of that bitcoin!

Given that I’m fresh to the entire Bitcoin kampplaats, I’m ideally aware that there’s enormous potential for mij to be scammed. And just te general, I keep ter mind the phrase “If it sounds too good to be true, it very likely is.”

So, with that te mind, I determined to look into some Bitcoin and Dogecoin apps, specifically for Android devices. There are, naturally, fairly a few, such spil Flap Pig, Bitcoin Billionaire, and Bitcoin Fighter.

The bitcoin app that I’ve used the most so far is called BitMaker, and it’s technically a bitcoin faucet (albeit one that runs in rivulets very leisurely). Oh Lord, the jokes… (But I digress.)

You can also download the app from BitMaker’s official webpagina. How does it work? Very first, you have to connect it to one of your bitcoin wallet addresses te order to earn anything. Spil you can see te the screenshot above, the interface is relatively elementary. The tegenstoot starts at 30:00, and each time it gets to 0:00, you’ll see an ad (from which the bitcoins come).

Gratefully (te my opinion, anyway), BitMaker has both “day” and “night” modes. Te the day mode, the ads have audio (which can get annoying if you leave behind that the app is running). On the contrary, ter the night mode, they’re just single-frame, silent ads.

If the app is working correctly, you should earn 500 Satoshi each time one of the ads plays. Granted, 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin, so it can take fairly a while to actually earn a single Bitcoin. It seems, spil well, that spil you embark to earn more Satoshi, you have to see several more ads vanaf 30 minutes ter order to build up the prizes (which can also be irritating sometimes).

And if you’re wondering, “Is this a scam?” Well, no – at least ter the sense that you do actually get paid at the end, but yes, te the sense that you won’t become a Bitcoin Billionaire overnight. Honestly, I never expected that, on the other mitt, I’ve technically earned my very first Bitcoin through this app, so that’s not too bad!

Te addition to the “normal” way of producing bitcoins, the app has an option called “Earn More,” ter which you can sign up for various services and earn bitcoins te terugwedstrijd. For example, one offerande is “Sign up for Rhapsody Music Player now!” for which you supposedly earn 21,250 Satoshi. Thesis offers, unluckily, reek of spam, so I’d be very careful about taking any of them – but you can attempt them out if you get impatient with the “500 Satoshi” method.

All things considered, I like BitMaker – it’s not a “get rich quick scheme,” but you will earn a fair amount overheen time. Albeit sometimes I feel like this:

Attempt it out, however. It does work well if you’re looking to earn your very first few satoshi/bitcoins.

DogeRain. Such Coin. So Shiny. Much Collect.

Spil those of you who use DogeCoin at all know, it wasgoed designed to be more “fun” than bitcoin, and I have to agree that it is.

And DogeRain fits right ter with that concept. It’s more or less along the lines of a DogeCoin faucet, te which you share DogeCoins with others who have the app.

Ter the interface, you swipe upward from the coin at the bottom, and depending on your settings, others using the app will receive DogeCoins spil a result. (And when you send coins, the app says things like “So! Many! Coin! Doge!” ter true meme style.

Te the settings under “Rain Mode,” you have the choice of “active gets most,” “nearby gets most,” or “all get equal.” I’ve found that if you use the “all get equal” setting, you seem to receive the most coins te comeback.

Sometimes, I’ve had problems receiving any coins, but it may be because I don’t have that many to start with, or because fewer people near mij are active on the app. Again, spil with BitMaker, it’s not spil effortless spil it sounds to just rake ter the coins. Overheen time, and with practice, you can most likely collect a lotsbestemming more – I’d like to be that person ter the screenshot above, actually!

You can see it ter activity here: DogeRain te Act (it’s an older version of the app, but the same idea applies).

So, while I may not have earned tons of DogeCoin yet, I have to say that the app is at least joy to use, and I project on taking advantage of it more, if at all possible.

You know, come to think of it – there are explosions of other apps like thesis out there…so I’m off to the crypto-world again!

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