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Fresh Ethminer 0.9.41-genoil-1.1.6 pre-release Windows Binary

Time for a fresh Windows binary of the latest pre-release version of Genoil’s ethminer 0.9.41 fork 1.1.6 (source). This time the concentrate is the addition for support of Nicehash’s Ethereum stratum implementation with extranonce subscribe for optimum show when mining altcoins based on the Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm such spil Ethereum (ETH). The binary is compiled with CUDA 8.0, supports both Nvidia CUD and AMD OpenCL mining modes, and is a pre-release version for testing the freshly implemented features, you should not expect hashrate increase, however this version should do well when used with NiceHash, so you are welcome to test the fresh feature and report any issues you encounter. Wij have already done some comparison on what to expect selling your DaggerHashimoto (Ethash) GPU hashrate at NiceHash with the current price and mining directly for Ethereum and then selling the Ether coins for BTC. The results are below and it seems that even with the current low exchange rate spil compared to what it wasgoed some days ago before the DAO hack it is still more profitable to mine ETH directly and sell it for BTC.

120 MHS mining hashrate

– Ethereum Mining – 0.0159 BTC/Day

– Nicehash DaggerHashimoto – 0.0128 BTC/Day

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and Ethereum Mining, What to Expect

The fresh Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 (Pascal-based) movie cards have bot available for about two weeks now and wij have ultimately managed to get one GTX 1080 to play around with it and see how good it performs for crypto crurrency mining. Wij are embarking with Ethereum spil the presently most popular altcoin for GPU mining and unluckily the GTX 1080 does not do good for ETH mining. You should already know that Eehereum is better on AMD GPUs than on Nvidia and the fresh Pascal GPUs such spil the GTX 1080 don’t do excellent either and there are some issues with them on Windows for the uur. The GTX 1080 cards are using quicker ter terms of clock speed GDDR5X movie memory that might do superb for gaming, but evidently it does not do good for memory intensive algorithms such spil Ethereum. Te fact it seems that the GTX 1080 is slower because of the GDDR5X than the GTX 1070 that uses regular GDDR5 movie memory, and when you add the high price of the 1080 it is most certainly not good choice for Ethereum mining like it might be for gaming.

Wij have compiled a Windows binary of the latest pre-release of Genoil’s ethminer 0.9.41 fork version 1.1.Trio (source) with CUDA 8.0 and Compute 6.1 that is used by the fresh GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 to test with and you can find a download verbinding below. So let us get to the hashrates you can expect from the GTX 1080 by mining under Windows and then from Linux. If you are using Windows 7 or 8.x you will notice that with the default settings the miner will crash when attempting to stream the DAG opstopping into the movie memory of GTX 1080, regardless if you are using OpenCL or CUDA mode. Other OpenCL only miners such spil qtminer will also fail with a driver crash, this is a driver kwestie and even if you manage to not crash the driver you will get a disappointingly low spectacle. You can run the Genoil CUDA fork of ethminer te CUDA mode with the -U option and add the following parameters –cuda-grid-size 2048 –cuda-block-size 128 to prevent the driver crash, however you will be getting less than 1 MHS te terms of hashrate, so pointless.

If you stir to Windows Ten the situation is slightly better, but not that much actually. With the latest movie drivers 368.39 for Windows Ten you will be able to mine Ethereum, unlike on Windows 7/8.x, but the hashrate you will get is still going to be disappointingly low at just about 4-5 MHS. Again a driver issues, however there is a talk about an upcoming driver update that should fix the problem of low hashrate at least for Windows Ten that is expected sometime next month (wij cannot confirm this however).

So the only thing that is left to do if you already got a GTX 1080 GPU or more than one and want to mine Ethereum with it is to go for Linux. Under Linux people are reporting about 23 MHS on average spil hashrate for mining Ethereum on GTX 1080, a speed that is a bit higher than what you can get from GTX 970, GTX 980 or GTX 980 Ti, but still a bit disappointing compared to what you can get from high-end AMD GPUs. The GTX 1070 that wij already mentioned is doing better for Ethereum should be capable of around 27 MHS under Linux (te Windows they evidently have the same low vertoning issues for the uur), tho’ wij have not yet bot able to personally verify that. So even with the low power consumption thesis hashrates from the GTX 1080/1070 are not that excellent and when you add te the high price of the GPUs at the uur and the driver issues with Windows, you can pretty much leave behind about being blessed with mining Ethereum with thesis movie cards. They should be better capable for other altcoin algorithms that are not memory intensive like Ethereum and wij are off to checking that next, so stay tuned for more results.

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Fresh Ethminer 0.9.41-genoil-1.1.Two pre-release Windows Binary

Here comes a Windows binary for another pre-release of Genoil’s ethminer 0.9.41 fork version 1.1.Two (source) that should be used by people with the latest generation of Nvidia Pascal GPUs such spil GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. The release is compiled with CUDA 8.0 and has support for Compute 6.1 that is used by the latest Nvidia GPUs, however it seems that the voorstelling under Windows is presently significantly lower that you would expect on the GTX 1080/1070, so it is recommended to use Linux for the best spectacle on thesis movie cards for now (similar to the situation with GTX 750 Ti). Regardless, you would be able to run this version of Nvidia Pascal GPUs for mining Ethereum, but at just about 1/Four – 1/Five of the voorstelling you would be getting if using Linux with the same GPU. On Maxwell and other older architectures there should be no notable difference te terms of spectacle however with this Windows binary compared to previous releases. Other fresh addition is the support for simultaneous mining on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs installed ter the same system (you need to use the option X instead of G or U), prior to that you could only run OpenCL or CUDA, but not on both at the same time. Do note that the fresh mixed X mode for CL/CUDA mining does not yet support separate settings for optimum spectacle for the different GPUs such spil local and global work vanaf GPU. Again, this is a pre-release version with the idea for people to attempt and report how the fresh features work and if they find any bugs, so you are welcome to attempt it…

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