Ledger Wallet – Manage your accounts with Ledger Wallet Bitcoin apps

Manage your accounts


Ledger Wallet Bitcoin app can be installed te a few seconds for free, whether you’re running Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Chrome OS.


All your BIP 44 Bitcoin accounts are managed within a unique interface, where you can send and receive, on-demand, ter real-time.


All Ledger Apps are fully open source, so anyone can access all source codes to authenticate code paths and contribute to the development.


The app’s beautiful user interface has bot designed to ensure clarity and usability so you never have to worry about fuzzy details.


The Ledger Wallet Bitcoin app permits you to customize its interface to getraind your preferences (exchange rates, units, currencies, interface languages, etc. ).


Spil all Bitcoin sensitive operations are done inwards your Ledger device and not online, your bitcoins are kept entirely safe at all times.

Chrome application

Ledger Wallet Bitcoin

*Security card 2nd factor authentication is only needed for Ledger Nano & HW.1.

Ledger Nano S & Blue embbed secure screens to check and confirm transactions.

Mobile applications

To substitute your security card (a black credit-size card delivered with your Ledger Nano or HW.1) if you don’t want to carry it with you, you can download and use the Ledger Authenticator mobile apps.

Available for free on the Android Play Store or on the iOS App Store, you will pair it once with your devices to receive thrust notifications to authenticate each payment. This 2nd factor checks your transactions to prevent anti-malware theft or compromised funds.

Open Source

Contribute to apps development

Raadpleging the source code

Be part of our development team: our apps are Open Source so everyone can contribute on Github to add features and fix bugs.

Translate the apps

Fluent te a language that is not integrated into our apps yet? You found errors ter a translation? Wij may need your help to translate the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin apps.

Get the apps

Download Bitcoin apps

Ledger Wallet Bitcoin

Compatible with Ledger Nano, Nano S, HW.1 &, Blue. Install Windows, Mac, Linux For Windows 7+, Mac OS Ten.9+, Chrome/Chromium 50+.

Ledger Authenticator

Compatible with Ledger Nano, Unplugged &, HW.1. Install Android smartphones For Android Four.0+.

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