Most Profitable X11

For those of you with graphic card equipments, do you know which coin is the most profitable?

I personally no longer use because their updates are slow and they don’t have the latest coins. You can instead use, which is much better for graphic card equipments.

Presently, X13coin is the most profitable, so I would certainly switch overheen, check it out on

I will attempt to have better/quicker updates for all of you since things so go quickly te the crytocurrency world, don’t leave behind to subscribe to my e-mail newsletter so you will be alerted!

See more about X13coins here. You can find mij on this pool.

Want to Voeling Mij? I am on Twitter 24/7!

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24 thoughts on &ldquo, Most Profitable X11/X13 Coin to Mine Right Now? &rdquo,

Thanks Max this is gold. Thanks for all the help you can even start to imagine the positive influence it’s having on mij and my family’s life.

just made Ten btc by mining honorcoin while it launched. tomorrow is mammothcoin.

How do you get to do payouts when there is no wallet for mammoth coin? And nice work on finding whatmine webpagina.

wallets are usually not released until mining starts, mammothcoin wallet is now available tho.

Thats incredible – how many MH/s do you have to make so much BTC ?

I have around 250Mh/s with X11-based coins, Eighteen equipments. see my equipments here:

u can mine some fresh coins here at

Do you have a webstek that shows the launch date on fresh coins?

Hi, sorry for the extreme noob questions:

When you say you’ve earned 10BTC with a fresh altcoin, this means you exchange the mined fresh coins (ex. X13coin) to BTC ? If yes, where do you exchange them to BTC?

I am mining x13coin on 4x GF 750Ti @ 7MH/s, what do you think about that coin specifically? Its said that the Dev. run away, there is no reference webpagina for it, another YMC case/total scam?

I’m also mining [email protected]/s on a GF 670m, looks like more serious coin than x13coin.

Thanks Max for making this so damn effortless for us. Now the real question is… Would it be clever to build another graphics equipment?

Oh f_** yeah. That’s the only way u can make the big bucks, with graphic card equipments.

Hi Max, and thanks for sharing this good information with us,…

I am rather fresh to the coin industry so do you have any suggestions on which exchange and when can I transfer my mammoth coins to BTC?

Wait until lists it, it should be anytime today or tomorrow.

Tnx, I witnessed it now on bittrex…the problem is the price Also millionaire coin yesterday wasgoed a bummer I just don’t have any luck with the coins I guess, can’t even voorkant my investments te gpu cards

Think that something te the future will come up?

Hi Zedomax, I ive a question, i would to embark to mine boostcoins with Four ASUS R9 280X, is it good to commence? This equipment has enough MG/H to embark?

Yes of course, Boostcoins have ended PoW, meaning there’s no more mining but it’s now PoS, where you can earn rente by leaving your wallet unlocked. There’s many coins coming out, right now I am mining Piggycoins, which just came out, see:

You always want to find a fresh coin that has low difficulty, you may want to also attempt Pyramidscoin, which has fairly low difficulty.

What coins do you mine with your gridseed blades? and do you know a good profitability webpagina for scrypt coins?

Attempt mining the latest coins that’s coming out. I used to use Multipool but the profits have gone so low you may be better off attempting to make money on the coins that just launch. That way you can mine a ton while difficulty is low and if you get fortunate, you will make 2-5X more when the coin hits the market.

Tomorrow there’s a Scrypt coin launching here:

I know that PoW is a function ter lungage programming but i don’t what it means ter cryptocurrency Can you listig a source where i can read what is PoW ter the cryptocurrency, PoS, PoW + PoS Hybrid,PoW , PoW block PoS rente. So I would know where I can investigate what are the terms that are te the coin specs such spil boostcoins, the characteristics of a Cryptovalue .

I know only the C language, not C++

Love the webpagina &, the inputs bro…I embarked mining recently on X13 using the pool at “http://maru.altmine.nipt/static/” , when I check the stats next to my wallet address it says “no shares yet”, what does that mean

hello im just geting into mining i no im a bit late to the party but hay at least im here :> iv got Five equipments withe 4x asus r9 280x cards runing windows 7 ( i no windows is not the best unlike linix but im no what im doing on windows) on the fresh 14.7 amd drivers with sgminer Four.1.0

x11= Three.920 kh for each card




sgminer –kernel x11mod -o stratum+tcp:// -u the -p man –thread-concurrency 8193 -I Legitimate -g Two -w 128 –gpu-engine 1140 –gpu-memclock 1500 –temp-target 70 –auto-fan it run stable on this config temp is around 65, 70 mark so not runing hot just cant get that Four.200 :< IT CRASH IF I Waterput COR CLOCK Overheen 1140 HOW DO I GET Four.200 PLZ HELP :<

Hey man, what’s going on…? Are you ter Business or not. I wasgoed just out on the Netwerk looking at X11 &, X13 mining pools and came across your postings &, movies on YouTube… Nice rigs….. attempted to sign-up for your News Letter…. It’s NOT Working either. What happened. =)

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