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Very first Impressions from the Baikal Mini Miner ASIC

Wij have bot playing around and testing the Baikal Mini Miner for a few days now and wij are ready to share our very first impressions from the device. Very first off it indeed works and works well with all of the six supported algorithms – X11, X13, X14, X15, Quark and Qubit. This is the very first and only ASIC manufacturer (to our skill) to opoffering a dedicated ASIC miner supporting numerous algorithms (however they are not that different from each other). The device is able to supply the promised hashrate of about 150 MHS te the different supported algorithms and does it with a low power usage also spil promised te the specs. Furthermore thanks to the low power consumption is it indeed klein and nowhere near spil noisy spil wij are used to get from ASIC miners lately, so the Baikal Mini Miner is actually superb for a huis crypto currency miner.

Wij are going to be talking more about precies numbers spil well spil technical details ter a future postbode about the Baikal Mini Miner. This postbode covers our initial impressions from the device after a few days of normal mining usage to confirm it is working stable and reliable and it does indeed do that. The build quality and the overall vormgeving is very likely not the best out there, but it works well and evidently permits for effortless stacking up of numerous devices spil wij’ve seen form the Baikal Quadruple Miner that essentially stacks for of thesis devices together. Everything about the device looks pretty incredible so far aside from the price, the device is being sold for about $500 USD or 56 DASH coins. So it seems a bit expensive, but it is not when you compare it to the competition ter terms of X11 ASIC miners that are less power efficient for the hashrate they provide and end up costing you more for the same hashrate. Not to mention that they only support X11, while this one comes with support for Five other algorithms, so it is more usable and offers support for significantly more crypto coins.

The Baikal Mini Miner comes with its own mini rekentuig unit similar to a Raspberry Pi that essentially controls the device, so there is no need to actually connect it to a rekentuig for it to work. All you have to do is connect it to your Ethernet LAN network and then open up the web interface for control and monitoring of the device through a browser, the device uses DHCP to get an IP address on your network. The web interface is a modified version of Scripta mining distribution for Raspberry Pi. The default password for the web-interface is baikal and the username and password for the console login are also the same baikal and baikal respectively. You should be able to switch them for security reasons of course, however be careful when you switch them to note the fresh passwords for access.

The Scripta mining distribution works stable and truly well with the Baikal Miner, it is effortless to configure and monitor the device with it. There is a temperature sensor available and it is being reported by the software, however you very likely will not be interested much ter it spil the temperature of the miner is indeed low. The switching inbetween the 6 supported mining algorithms is spil effortless spil clicking a button after you configure mining pools for each of them of course. The software supports priority based failsafe switching inbetween pools/algorithms. What it could truly use however is some sort of automation for profitability based switching inbetween the supported mining algorithms.

Talking about profitability wij cannot leave behind to do some calculation on the actual profitability of using the device spil this is the factor that can be decisive ter you choosing to get it or not. The Baikal Mini Miner does come with support for 6 mining algorithms, tho’ not of them are truly that popular and widely used. For example X11 is fairly widespread, but there are already a loterijlot of X11 ASIC miners on the market, yet it is still often the most profitable one to mine. Other such spil X14 and X15 were never that popular, so unless there are some fresh coins coming out using them there are most likely not that much worth mining (they use more power). Mining Quark and Qubit can also do you some good profit if you manage to catch something good. So for actual profit you will most likely have to go looking for fresh coins or for trending ones and risk a bit more and mine them.

If you determine to go the safer way and just sell your hasrate on a service such spil NiceHash for example you will have a bit more stable and reliable profit ter Bitcoin, but it might not be spil high spil if you can get by mining the right coins at the right time. Based on our practice using NiceHash with the Baikal Mini Miner wij can say that you can expect to get something like 0.0034 BTC vanaf day with the more profitable algorithms. That is like $Two.08 USD a day, fortunately the power used by the device is indeed very little and the cost is not much, something like up to 1 kWh vanaf day. So making let us say $Two USD vanaf day and $60 USD vanaf month it would take you more than 8 months to get enough to voorkant the cost of the miner. Not that much, but not that little time for the crypto currency world either, and that is only if the current conditions remain for the duration of the next 8 months. Of course you can also risk it and attempt to get more profit than using the more safer way, tho’ te the end the result might be either better or worse. It is up to you to decide…

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Just Received a Baikal Mini ASIC Miner With 6 Algorithms Support

Today wij’ve received our Baikal Miner ASIC supporting X11, X13, X14, X15, Quark and Qubit algorithms and wij can share some photos with you. Our very first impressions from the device spil well spil results from testing and using it will be collective ter the next duo of days when wij get to play around with it and see how good it will work and if it manages to produce what is being promised by the manufacturer.

The miner is pretty klein te size and is a little less than 0.Five kilograms ter terms of weight. It is well packaged, the build quality is good, however a bit strange ter terms of vormgeving, and since there is not much weight there should be no trouble with the package, unless of course it gets gravely bruised during transportation. Our package has arrived te good condition and there seems to be no harm to the opbergruimte that the miner wasgoed delivered into.

It is significant to know that you will only get the miner itself, there is no manual, power supply or any cables along with it, so the surplus you need to provide yourself. There is no need for software spil you ass-plug directly the device into your network and control it via web interface. But the power supply is significant, you need an adapter capable of outputting 12V at 5A with a Two.5mm barrel size (Two.1mm won’t work). You can either use a dedicated power 12V supply or go for an adapter from molex to this type of barrel connector and use a regular pc PSU. You can find an online manual and extra support here. That is it for now, stay tuned for more details very soon.

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Baikal Miner Now With ASICs Supporting X11, X13, X14, X15, Quark and Qubit

Baikal Miner commenced with an interesting X11-based ASIC not too long ago and now the company has just announced two fresh miners that support numerous algorithms. The fresh ASIC-based Baikal Mini Miner and Baikal Quadruple Miner suggest support for X11, X13, X14, X15, Quark and Qubit algorithms with remarkably good specifications. The Mini Miner is capable of providing users with 150 MHS hashrate ter all of the 6 supported algorithms while the Quadruple Miner (essentially for of the smaller units) are capable of Four times the hashing power or 600 MHS. Do note that the prices cited below are for the miners only, power supplies are not included and the shipping cost is not added.

Baikal Mini Miner Hash Rate and Power Usage:

– Quark: 150 MH/s @ 25W

– Qubit: 150 MH/s @ 28W

Baikal Quadruple Miner Hash Rate and Power Usage:

– Quark: 600 MH/s @ 100W

– Qubit: 600 MH/s @ 112W

Pricing of the Baikal miners:

– Mini Unit Price: $500 USD or 56 DASH

– Quadruple Mini Unit Price: $2000 USD or 224 DASH

Do note that this information has bot provided by Baikal Miner and wij have not tested any of the products of the company to confirm if they can supply on the promises made for multi algorithm support and/or for the hashrate and power usage claimed. The numbers however do seem fairly interesting and if the information turns out to be true they are going to switch the mining landscape for a few more crypto currencies using the other five algorithms supported besides X11.

Wij were not able to test the very first generation of X11-based ASIC miners from Baikal due to them being hard to find te Europe or available at speculative prices spil compared to what the manufacturer te China evidently sells them for. Unluckily the purchase proces directly from Baikal wasgoed not well made, so wij talent up attempting to get a X11 ASIC miner for testing from them.

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