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Use our block explorer to go after significant coin details such spil block height, network hash, difficulty, coin supply, current price, network knots, rich list, network transactions, statistics and more.

ROI Coin Block Explorer Two

Sometimes our block explorer may practice technical difficulty or simply need to be updated and rebooted. If you find either block explorer not working please give the alternate one a attempt.


If you’re looking to buy or sell ROI coin on an exchange wij have had excellent service at Crypto Hub. They also have some cool features like built te mining, faucets and POS payouts on some coins.

Albeit trading went slick for a while at CoinsMarkets they have bot offline for a while now. It looks like they are close to being back online so for now wij will proceed to keep this listig posted.

Mining Pools


The Optiminer pool gives you an chance to CPU mine ROI coins when you don’t have enough hashing power to solo mine. So far the community terugkoppeling on this pool has bot positive.


The SuprNova pool has earned an impeccable reputation with the community. This MPOS powered mining pool provides a reliable podium coupled with quick payouts on CPU mined ROI coins.

Cluster Mine

Solo mining spil part of a cluster is you connecting to one knot with other users connecting to that same knot. When you successfully mine a block you get 100% of the block for 120 coins with zero fees.



BitCoinTalk is the most popular online forum for all types of cryptocurrency. Our community is very active there and it’s a good resource to stay ter touch with the people who are involved with ROI coin.


GitHub should always be your very first go to resource when you need any type of support. You can submit issues there and interact with the dev team. You can also go after the active development of the ROI coin code.

Paper Wallet

The paper wallet is a useful implement that permits you to uitvoer and invoer coins and print them for safekeeping. Because ROI coin pays total POS and term deposits when your wallet is offline you can be very creative with this option.

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