What is the best cryptocurrency to invest ter right now?

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Actually it is very difficult to say which cryptocurrency is the best for an investment.

The reality is that nobody knows.

Each cryptocurrency has its wields pro’s and con’s.

Actually this question is not about the best cryptocurrency, this is about How much do you know about different- different crypto’s and theirs pros and cons.

Are you a daring risk taker? Do you have the time and guts to monitor coins each day — buying low and selling high? Then you may find maximum enjoyment and profit ter day trading volatile coins.

Are you a level-headed, long term investor? Do you want to buy and HODL (Hold On for Dear Life)? Then go with an established cryptocurrency with an excellent Brain Trust. A digital asset led be people who want to grow their organization, see it flourish, and create long term value for everyone. Examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple (XRP).

If you are going to buy and leave it for a few years without trading it, I would recommend :

HashGains ICO Tokens (HGS ):- While most of the ICO’s are betting on some idea which would become multimillion dollar business someday whereas HashGains is already functional venture generating profits having active customer base of overheen 10000 customers and company claims they are targeting 1000000 customers by 2020.

HashGains Opoffering 30% nomable discount te token price is available for investments during pre sale for HGS which doesn’t bring just tokens when you buy it but entire host of features and benefits which is incomparable and never thought of.

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Already there are fine answers to this question. Crypto space is always switching so i wished to write my thoughts about investing te crypto space. Obviously do not treat it spil a investment advice.

I do believe ter block chain technology and it may disrupt few industries. I have bot noticing the trends ter the crypto space from the beginning. There are incidents by adding block chain to name of the company, stocks soared up Three to Four times and i do feel it is insane. You can go through this article to know more about it. There are many ICOs funded having no working product/team or intentions to build one. I see loterijlot of ICOs coming with wrong intentions and it is becoming very difficult to find a gem among 1380 crypto currencies. I would like to kwestie a caution and do your due diligence ter exploring the facts and let mij know your thoughts.

I choose to invest te platforms with strong teams rather than currencies. My picks are based on following criteria.

  • Toneel or solving a real world problem. It will be very hard to substitute ecosystem such spil ios , android, whatsapp or wechat with some thing else. Don’t leave behind to read their white paper.
  • Strong team and their past work
  • Partnerships with other companies.
  • There should be a working product. Prototypes or road maps does not solve problems. I do not want to bet my hard earned money into hype or a salesman’s pitch.
  • Do not look at the coin price alone, look at the current market cap of the crypto company. Analyze the market cap of the problem a company is attempting to solve.

I recommend following companies based on above criteria.

Ethereum : I guess this coin does not need an introduction. It is a toneel so giant advantage with early adaption and other coins can not substitute this verhoging lightly. Strong team with partnerships with many companies. You can find more information about the Ethereum alliance here .

EOS : This is also a verhoging but attempting to address the scalability issues of Ethereum. Very strong team. This team already having practice with other block chain network so it will be a big advantage when you rebuild a brand fresh podium to address scalability issues. EOS team is delivering milestones spil vanaf the committed road opbergmap.

VeChain : Spil of today, this is one of the gem among all other coins. Presently it is undervalued based up on the market cap of problems it is attempting to solve. This coins is attempting to solve the supply chain issues and counterfeit products. This company is attempting to solve the problems not only limited to a single industry and it can be applied to several industries. This team is very strong and backed by good venture capitalists. This company is having bright future if is able to make partnerships with other companies ter the same way it is doing now.

I suggest you to go through below article and validate all the facts.

If you are into crypto space then i no need to give introduction of Roger Verafgelegen. You can find his rente ter this project here .

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