Words and Pictures: Brotherly Love

Hello all, lovely to see you!

However, he can’t afford to because his junior brother, Mr Flash (I think he’s almost certainly called Harry) – with that twinkle te his eye and the natty blue suit – is reckless and permanently falling into scrapes. financial sometimes, but mainly with unsuitable women, and it’s earnest Ernest who has to pick up the lumps.

I absolutely love the look of the Pan Pastels blended overheen the glorious print block letters from the Secretary Pool set.

Speciaal from the Pan Pastels background, I’ve taken the bubble theme that’s built into the main stamp and run with it.

There’s a matching bubble texture stamp on the same plate, so I used that around the edges of the tag, stamped te Potting Soil like the main pic.

Okay, so not that quick a postbode. but spil I say, the brothers have fairly a houvast on my imagination, and I guess they didn’t want to be brushed off fairly so lightly!


Excellent background with the PP`s and those little circles to coordinate with the bubbles lovely touch makes for a good tag.

Another gorgeous tag, love the blue/brown combi. A real winner.

Love the colours.x

The ",Coffee Guys", looks good on your tag Alison.

So inventive, from the backstory to the `brothers` to all the excellent technologies. The Pan Pastels overheen the block letters are ace.

Wonderful story you have woven around the brothers and a fine tag with the pan pastels.

`What strange creatures brothers are!

I adore this romantic look with the industrial look. fabulous!

A fabulous tag and I love the story you tell too. Anne xx

I love the colour combo on this and the way the brothers come to life through your kunst! The background using PP is fabulous! You always react to pics and use technology with such imagination and such panache, Alison. The bubble theme is superbly incorporated! And the use of corrugated card – well, it just has the `wow` factor! Then – spil always – those flawless completing touches! Good work Alison! Julie Ann xxx

A fantastic tag, love the story you wove around thesis two killer chaps.

Wow, I love your card. I love, love, love the story you woven around the brothers. The bubbles that make a subtle background and the circles are ideal. You are fairly the story teller and a excellent artist. Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous tag Alison. Love the story, the background is fabulous the pic &, circles are just good. Love it. Hugs May x x

Wonderful tag and textures. Loved your story.

A lovely tag Alison and a very entertaining story too.

A fabulous tag and story Alison! and the background is just amazing. Another product on my wish list! x

Love the colors, superb balance ter your tag.I t doesn`t seem to need words. The story wasgoed fine. I guess now I will have to look up Pan Pastels, do not know what they are. Did you color the junior brother with distress marker? Oh, and love the circles, stamped and wooden. Good tag.

this looks fab and a excellent use ofd the pan pastels too xx

Your tag is awesome, Alison. Love the blue and brown together. Your manhaftig gentleman stamped ter the brown tones look fairly dashing. Love your story behind them. All of your little circles and bubbles truly make for nice embellishments.

LOVELY project, your use of the PP is gorgeous!

Wonderful tag Alison, the colours are fantastic and the use of the corrugated card is a excellent base. Love the story of the brothers too, your love of literature and craft shines ter every postbode.

This is so beautiful tag, Alison. What a excellent background, such a nice colors.

Terrific tag and tale Alison! You are on top form with this. Gorgeously done and told. Nicola x

Beautiful blues &, browns! I love those `Coffee Guys`, &, the bubbles!

I love your imagination and your story! Of course thesis brothers speak for themselves on this fantastic tag! Love those pan pastels too!

Love your beautiful tag , dear Alison, love your background, such lovely soft colours and I love all the special effects!!Excellent desigh.

WOW I love this tag, fantastic, superb colour combo xxx

Terrific tag Alison and am so loving that shade of blue. wow.

I love the back stories you give your projects! This is a gorgeous tag, the embellishments look superb.

So fantastic, it`s a wonderful tag – superb color combination.

Am so pleased you love the Pan Pastels, they are wonderful. Hope you got some of the metallics too!

Gorgeous tag, I just love it Alison spil it is indeed ideal. Love all thesis circles of various sizes and the bubble stamp, fine addition! Hugs, Coco xxx

Superb use of those PPs Alison.

Anyway, enough waffle, a fine tag! And looking forward to Friday of course!

Awesome use of the corrugated! Love the dots and circles. so clever, and it adds so much!

A beautiful vormgeving and fabulous background with the PPs (haven`t used mine for months). Love the bubble theme going on here too. Glad Valentines Day xx

Are you working your way through the family? Grandfather here, Grandmother two posts back. who is to be next I wonder?

Fabulous corrugated tag Alison paired with such an awesome vintage pic!

Wow Miss Butterfly, it`s bot like visiting the library and kunst gallery at the same time, all that ter one of your fabulous tags. The colors are gorgeous, looooove all the bubbles, they look brilliant on the metal chunks,Looove the corrugated framework too, this wasgoed a fabulous postbode and your postbode are NEVER to long for mij and no words, yes, the entire tag speaks for itself, this made my valentine day special, kunst is the love of my life :O) thanks Miss Butterfly, hope you have a wonderful one too ((( Big Hugs ))).

Oh Alison, I absolutely love the story of Earnest and Flash. just wonderful. I have thus far escaped the lure of pan pastels, sadly this postbode is just another little plumb te the coffin of resolution. Another beautiful creation. Blessed Heart Day!

Fab tag! Love the tale about the two coffee chaps!

Think your schrikachtig on with charactures, love the coffee colours with the blues and the embellishments are cool too!

I am a sucker for any tale especially when combined with visual kunst.

I`d have to totally agreement with you on the assessment of the brothers!

You have a very rich imagination. Rich, like the coffee Earnest and his brother sell.

Mij again Alison, just wishing to thanks you so much for linking your Coffee Guys up to my blog celebrations.

Another brilliant tag Alison, I love your PP background, I`m afraid you`ll be hooked now, you should attempt the metallics lol you`ll be like mij and working until you`re 90! Have a good weekend xx

Love it. the colours, the shapes, the stamps. superb tag ter total Alison. Your artwork always is so special!

Ok . love the story of the brothers:) I also voorwaarde admit that I am green with envy overheen the pan pastels. I`ve bot pining overheen them for the last year. Eventually I will pauze down and get some. Gorgeous background and I the repeated bubble effect overheen the entire chunk is volmaakt. Having three brothers, I laughed out noisy at the Jane Austen quote. Joy postbode Alison! — Mary Elizabeth

Gorgeous Alison. Love the story too. I have resisted pan pastels up til now so don`t make mij spend more pennies!

I think you have a rich and complicated life! You make mij laugh and you say I`m funny. All those circles are cool – those brothers look somewhat like trouble to mij. Maybe you should have waterput a little message at the bottom telling ",Beware – Trouble Brewing",

A wonderful tag Alison.

Thanks for reminding mij about that print block background. Indeed vereiste `invest` especially after see the way you`ve used so beautifully here. Thank you for continuing to give my mojo a kick. Jenny x

Oh wow wow wow truly awesome tag. I love the coffee twinks story and I`m sure that script is out there somewhere lol. Oh I`m so loving the pan pastels, I have fairly a few I have bot collecting overheen the past year, but not used them yet, I think I`m a bit panicked lol. Kezzy 🙂 xxx

What a wonderful story your tag tells about the very different brothers! I thought it fairly fitting that you used an Austen quote since the story seemed to gezond hier writing style!

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